Kiwi Regulator Deans In

Kiwi Regulator Deans In
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The Kiwi pass through regulator is a regulator that is designed specifically for helicopter use. The Kiwi can be thought of both a regulator and a Power Buss type unit. Designed for use with any battery with a Voltage under 10 volts. It is recommended that a battery no higher than 8.4 be used with the Kiwi due to its designed purpose. Before you purchase a Kiwi it is strongly recommended by RC Heliworld and Fromeco that you read Fromeco's Kiwi PDF document found here. Kiwi PDF You will need Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher to view this document.

The Kiwi is designed to help pilots squeeze every last inch out of performance from there servos at higher voltages. It is also the perfect unit to allow for the unregulated Cyclic control voltages using a LiFePO4 battery pack such as the Iron Corps, and Iron Corps Extreme A123.

- Kiwi Regulator
- Deans input
- 4 Ports, usable at either Raw Battery Voltage, or Regulated at 5 volts
- 5 Male/Male JR jumpers for connection to RX, 1 jumper for Switch
- Switch not included must be purchased separately, Turn Kiwi into Switch
- Designed for use on batteries 8.4 volt and lower, Please read Kiwi PDF , for warnings and clarification on unit installation


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