4800mah Iron Corps with deans only

4800mah Iron Corps with deans only
Brand: Fromeco
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The Iron Corps 4800mAh Lithium Phosphate Pack.

The Iron Corps 4800 is recommended for RX service in Giant Scale Planes, and Helicopters.

Fromeco's Iron Corps batteries utilizing the new Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. Iron Corps cells share the same basic chemistry as the well know "A123" batteries.

Iron Corps batteries are not quite as strong as the "A123" branded cells for amperage output. However they are plenty strong for flight RX applications.

Fromeco tested many different brands of LiFePO4 cells in search of a cell that behaved much like the "A123" cell. These characteristics are; High amperage output. Flat discharge curve under high load. Lack of a predominate voltage loss at the end of discharge. High Charge Rate. Voltage between 5.0volts and 6.6volts while under a high discharge load 7.5volt termination for charging. Like the "A123" cells Iron Corps share these characteristics, at an affordable price.

Like the "A123" Iron Corps cells can NOT be effectively load checked using the same techniques used to check capacity on Lithium Ion Cells, in other words an 8Ball will not work.

Size 65mm x 65mm x 100mm

Weight 400grams (5.5oz)


Charging Specs

Chemistry Type Lithium Phosphate LiFePO4
Max Charge Rate 16amps
Number of Cells 8

Connector Type: Deans

Electrical Specs

Max Amperage 20+amps
Max Voltage 7.5v
Operating Voltage 6.6v

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